The Magic of Christmas in the Movies

 Kids in the Christmas movies always marvel at the fact that there's a man like Santa Claus on a flying sled giving presents away, but what I, a southern hemisphere kid living in a hot city, always found more maginal was the fact that snow existed and that it would make cities all white and cold.

Analyzing the Movie

 As a writter, I'm pretty good at analyzing the plot ot movies and books. But as a person that is easily entertain, I usually ignore them all and have a good time even with terrible stories.

Choosing the Pizza

 Everytime we order pizza, no one wants to choose the type. When the pizza arrives, everyone complains about the one I picked.

Social media companies

Social media companies tell us that they work for us, but actually treat us like we work for them.

Before My Birthday

 In the past, before my birthday I used to wonder what I would get as presents. Nowadays I only wonder what I'll eat.

Personal Growth

I always thought that becoming an adult was a process of becoming magically mature, but it's actually realising year after year that last year you were innocent and knew absolutely nothing about life, indefinitely.

The need to do things

I need to get up, see the world, do things! My boyfriend asks: why, are you feeling restless with life? I answer: No, I just need to create content...