Author's note: That phrase the japanese man and the french girl are saying on the first scene is the same, and it has no particular meaning whatsoever. I just used it because I think it sounds funny in portuguese. It's actually something that Ed says a lot in the cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy.

Losing weight

See how our ineptitude to lose weight is actually a good thing? If it was easy, we would have to buy new clothes a lot! Ours wallets thank us. :D


And the worst part of it is that even if I did free it, I don't even know if it would be able to survive in the open  world anymore. So I have to stay in this grey area between feeling pity and feeling powerless. 

Late effect

Some people say that the new generations have no power of concentration. That's totally not true, they only have selective concentration. C'mon, if having the power to completly block out the universe to concentrate exclusively on watching a Youtube video of a cat tripping on the floor is not concentrating, I frankly don't know what it is.


But that's not enough for Murphy yet: that little Lego piece on which you impales your feet's flesh is exactly the same you've been looking for half an hour on the Lego box.

Winter break

Author's note: In my country, our winter break is on July. It is known for being very short. 


I remember like it was yesterday the day that my school uniform coat got ripped at my wrist, and my thumb slipped thrugh the tiny hole. My palms got so warm and confortable that I cut the other wrist of the coat to make another fake glove. I looked like a homeless person from New York, but I was a very warm and confortable homeless.

Contemporary art

I know Art is supposed to be more about "what it means" than "what you see", but if I don't get it, even if I try real hard, then it has no meaning for me. I mean, it's not that difficult to make some pamphlets explaining what it means to people like me, the less smart and perceptive ones? Or maybe the artists really don't want to get the art to the masses, and they prefer that I don't understand it?