1 year of How I really


I really wish I could fit in this image all the awesome and beautiful messages I recieved from you guys through this first year, but I fear that the internet of the whole world would not be able to handle such a gigantic jpeg with so many cute and lovable things (and that's huge, considering the amount of cat sites on the web...).

THANK YOU, thank you SO MUCH for all your support, guys! Even though How I really is mostly a brazilian website, I've recieved inumerous messages from people all over the world, and in different languages too, and they made me SO happy that I simply can't discribe it.

But I'm not only grateful for those messages, no. I thank you for EVERYTHING you've done to support me: commenting, laughing, liking, tweeting, EVERYTHING. It made a huge difference for me, and I'm really, really grateful.


Talking on phones


Maybe that's because of people like me - that lose 80 IQ points while talking on the phone - that telemarketing campaigns work so well nowadays. Add that to the pressure of the classic "you have just been given a humongous discount, but only if you buy NOW", and I get so stupid that in just a few days I recieve at home my new green grape automatic peeler that also works as a usb blu-ray screen for the microwave window or a artificial localized tanning device (??).

Male audience


I don't know why people care so much about her feet. I mean, she's just a silly drawing! I mean, if they want to complain, why is it ALWAYS about the feet, and not stuff like "Omg, she only has one shoulder" or "Wow, her head is bigger than her whole body"?

Pizza delivery


Do you want to attract someone? No need for love potions or massive work-out. Just post on Facebook that you ordered a pizza and in a few minutes all people with whom you talked over the past two years will be at your door "by coincidence".

Smart words

Then you realise you don't even know how to explaing what that word means and you go back to feeling like your same old normal self.


Ok, back in my days we used to make mohawks in the shower and feel like punks. Today kids probably feel like football (soccer) players like Beckham.

New clothes

Then he says "What a nice shirt!" before he even opens the package. 

I don't know if it's father's day today where you guys live, but happy father's day to all the dads out there anyway!

Pet photos

Really, there're some flash photos of my pets that they're eyes are glowing so evilish and scary that I feel a certain urge to send those pictures to Tim Burton for inspiration.

Cold days

Humans are very confused creatures. We always forget to value something we already have until we lose it. When I'm in a confortable and heated enviroment, I completly forget how important it is to fell warm and I choose light clothes, only to freeze later and desperatly crave for my heat back. I'll stop writing now to think about all the things I have right now that I should be thankfull for.

(Sorry, my comment was not funny...)

Pet nicknames

I find it very ironic that all my family has this master skill for creating pet nicknames, but when it cames to real pet names, we have none! I mean, do you know what was the name of my last male cat, that for five long years shared numerous happy and sad moments with the other members of my household? ...Cat. His name was Cat.