Social Media Content

 I wish I could post beautiful pictures as much as other people on social media, but my life simply isn't that interesting


 On vacation, there are two types of people. Those who wants to do everything with their time, and those who want to sleep so much they'll discover the 25th hour of the day.

Choosing the Perfect Attire

 I have a weird relationship with clothes, because sometimes I choose de absolutely most confortable and useful ones, and sometimes I wanna go to the grocery store wearing a 18th Centure ball gown just because I think it's cute.

Online Classes pt.2


Sometimes the teachers on an online classe ask for students to open their webcams to participate in classe, and I look at myself at home with messy hair, bags under my eyes and old pajamas and I think that perhaps that's not a good idea

A Truly Scary Halloween

 This year, the most scary that's going to happen at midnight on October 31st is the coming of another month of 2020

Pandemic Fashion

 I may look like I'm wearing gloves, but it's just 58 layers of hand sanitizers during the pandemic.

Evil Tests

 When there's a question on the test that's so easy you're afraid to answer because it might be a trick question


 Sorry, I'm worried about something and I forgot I had to say something on this comic

Selective Best Friends

 When I see acquaintances walking on the street, I kinda wanna run or just wave and pretend I didn't see them. When I see acquaintances on parties were I don't know anyone else, we are suddenly best friends that are never going to leave each other's side.

The Creator's Dilemma

 The creator's dilemma. I used to have problems creating because I had too many feelings inside me, and now, after this terrible year, I have no feelings at all

Blanket Attire

 Every time It's cold and I walk around the house with a blanket around my shoulders I feel like one of those medival princesses walking in the snowy woods on Disney movies

Cosmetic Industry

 The cosmetic industry in a nutshell - every time I find something different on my body and learn to like it, the industry tells me it's horrible and I should correct it

Selective Interpretation

I'm terrible at interpreting texts during school tests, but I'm a genius at interpreting song lyrics

Discussions Nowadays

People discussing nowadays simply don't care about wheather someone is a specialist on anything, they just say That's your opinion, mine is different, when they want to believe something stupid and with no scientific proof.

Fangirls and TV shows

Every time a new TV show is released, in 15 minutes the fangirl has already watched all the 13 1-hour episodes and is posting her reviews on Twitter

Truly Terrifying Things

Audio Messages

Long term relationships

Weird Body Symptoms

I used to be very careless about body abnormalities, like a knee pain, and now, during the pandemic of covid-19, anything I feel I need to type on Google to find out if it's a coronavirus symptom

Real Legs

Women's legs on the movies are always so perfect, and mine, as a citizen of a tropical and hot city, are always perpetually full of dark spots and insect bites

Free Time During Social Isolation

I thought that I would have a lot of free time, stuck at home during the quarantine, but I'm working two times more for some reason

WHAT IF the quarantine ends?

I'm now in the mood that I'm scared that the quarantine might and and I'll have to actually leave the house

When the quarantine ends

When the quarantine ends, I should probably go run outside, among beautiful green trees and below a deep blue sky, but we all know I'm probably just going to stay home anyway

Brands and Big Disasters

At great disasters like this one we're living today, with the coronavirus pandemic, I wish brands would try and help people, instead of just trying to figure out how to benefit from the crisis

Online Classes

When you're having online classes, teachers think that students are at their tables with notebooks and books and everything to take notes, when students are probably just sitting akwardly on the couch in their pajamas and listening to it on the phone while eating a greasy snack

Expert's Consensus

Every time I see a random person say something that does agains't the expert's consensus on something I want to scream ARE YOU AN EXPERT, BY ANY CHANCE?

Please cherish this comic as it took me two and a half hours to make with my finger on a tablet, since I'm away from my drawing table during this social isolation. And stay at home, folks! #coronavirus


Pantyhoses always look perfect when I put them on and instantly slide and look horrible after 2 seconds of any bodily movement.

After the Carnival

While most people in my city feel like they haven't partied enough when the carnival is over, I feel like I had the best party ever after just watching a single street party walk by from my window

Dressing up

When I feel like dressing up to go out, in the past I was still ashamed I would attract to much attention. Nowadays I can go out in drag if I feel like it and I won't even care.

Great Opportunities

When I'm presented with great opportunities, I know I should be happy, but I'll I can do is lie on the floor paralyzed and calculate endlessly all the ways that everything could go terribly wrong.

Rich in Fiber

I wonder if product researchers of rich-in-fiber type of products are always worried, looking for the perfect cardboard taste.

Mobile Phone

I always pick the most beautiful mobile phones only to imediately after putting it on horrible huge phone cases so they're never destroyed