Local People (Traveling Special pt.7/10)

When I'm traveling and I want to meet the local people, all I can see are tourists

Tourist Energy (Traveling Special pt.6/10)

How my personal energy really is as a tourist, completely endless

Tourist Attractions (Traveling Special pt.5/10)

What tourist attractions are actually like - endless, endless lines

Hotel Room (Traveling Special pt.4/10)

What my hotel room looks like after five minutes of check-in, total hell

Airplane (Traveling Special pt.3/10)

What's it really like to fly on an airplane

Packing my suitcase (Traveling Special pt.2/10)

How I really pack my suitcase for a trip, it's pure hell

Planning a great trip (Traveling Special pt.1/10)


How my gratitude really works in real life


What the dictionary really tells me when I need to know the meaning of a word