I've met three people in this life that could be classified as mithological creatures: one that disliked chocolate, another one that hated cheese and a last one that despised pizza. I consider it as my duty to mankind to consume the double of this foods to restore the balance of nature.

Go outside

That or I simply take the computer outside. I may even lay one of my toes under the sun light. Then some minutes later I get too irritated because of the reflections on my screen and decide to go back to the confortable darkness of the indoors.

Costume party

It's not actually cosplay or anything. It's more like that feeling of wanting to put on the silly costume of one of your heros from your chieldhood, like a disney princess or a super hero.

At home

And that includes wearing that confy pre-historic shirt you have full of holes and stains that feels like a piece of silky heaven against your skin. Yes, the one your mother has been trying to get rid of for about 10 years.

Hiding treats

Nothing compares to that feeling of thiumph when that Nutella package goes through the check-out unnoticed by you parent.

Fun fact: This strip was based on one I drew about 10 years ago, when I really was a kid hiding chocolate from her parents. You can see it here, it you're that curious: link.

And I haven't changed my hairstyle ever since...


Yet another life fact that Hollywood so carefully distorted for us: you cannot be a couch-loving person that practises no sport regularly whatsoever and run three miles nonstop EVEN if there's a brain-eating zombie chasing your lazy and chair-friendly butt.

Lost things

I don't really know if they get stuck in a limbo between the Matrix and another world, of if they just travel to another magical dimension where all pens are used until they are dried out. The only thing that's for sure is the fact that, once on the floor, you'll never ever see them again.

Miss Little Claws

"OMG! Look, she's blinking! That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! EVER!".
Ps.: I'm sorry if her name sounds lame in english. Miss Little Claws is a pretty literal translation of Srta. Garrinhas.

Answer on the board

Maybe that's the reason why the first ninja was born.



I think the animated version is way funnier than this one. See it here.
I would be the first zombie to organize a flashmob. Or should I say... fleshmob? *Tu-dim-tss*

After "The end"

This was my first strip to get internationally famous, thanks to 9GAG. So, instead of writing my own comments about it, I'll list some things people said about it 9GAG. "It's like dying a little", "Then one week later I don't even remember it" and, finally, the top voted comment, "Where are your feet, woman?!".

Trivia: what inspired me to make this strip was actually not a book, but the last episode of the second season of the TV series Sherlock. That long black coat is actually worn by Sherlock himself.

Last seat

I made it look a lot more epic than it actually is in my city. I've witnessed (several times) complete strangers running for an empty seat, only to end up bumping butts and laughing nervously from shame (and silently wishing the other person died in the next few seconds).

Neighbors fighting

The only difference from watching a soap opera is that the neighbors don't make pauses on their shouting to say how wonderful that new McDonald's meal is.


And as remove de lid from the jar, I can feel the strenght running througn my veins, as the power flows from my skin. Hm, this must have been how Goku felt after turning super sayajin for the first time.


But if the girl is really mean, then it's a justified Schadenfreude? Are ww allowed to feel happy because of other person's misfortune if this person is evil? Oh, wait, I forgot. I'm not Philosoraptor.