In my city there's even the bonus of some horses roaming freely through the streets. And I live in the second biggest city in Brazil! (Rio de Janeiro)

Rain and pets


Miss Little Claws doesn't sit all the time, tough. I can recreate perfectly her escape attempts by tracking the moldy footprints on the floor. I feel like Aragorn.



I guess Mother Nature took all the trees in my tropical city and pressed the shuffle button.

Personal tastes


I think the world would be a much better place if people stopped focusing so much in what they hate and started thinking more about what they love.

Time machine


I miss the times when things were simpler and all that took to make me happy was a simple and cheap Kinder Surprise. Oh, wait, it still does!

Turn of the year


In very crowded places in my country you don't even need to take a bottle of Champagne (which is the tradition here), you just open your mouth to the sky and wait.