Christmas Post-instagram Age


the correct amount of pillows according to society is one, according to myself is one million

Logic for Tests

I have no idea why I study so much, for weeks and months, and them on the exams I answer the questions with the exact opposite of what I learned

Appearance Issues

In the old days my appearances issues would be that I wanted a straigher nose and stuff like that, nowadays I wish I had cute cat years so I could look like a Instagram filter

Halloween Monsters

I used to be afraid of Halloween monsters. Now I think that we're all like monsters a bit.

Going to Concerts

I'm reached a point in my tired millennial life where in order to go to a concert I first need to know if there's going to be chairs.

Garbage Can

Every time I throw the gargabe into the can, it bounces of and lands on the floor I'm launched into a deep reflexive state contemplating why bad things happen to good people

Teachers and tests (pt.2)

I'm one hundred percent sure that teachers find the only lesson I miss on the attendance list and make the whole test about it

Other People's Age

I always think the age of a person is the same age from the day we met, even if it was several years ago

Mysterious Bruises

My skin is so easily bruised that I swear even feathers could leave a huge blue mark on it.

Recording Videos

When I'm recording a video without any script, I'm perfectly smooth, but when I'm trying to record with a previously scripted text I need to repeat 48 times before one single sentence feels right.

Long Games

While I'm playing really long games, like rpgs, 20 hours into gameplay and I'm still unsure if the game has started yet.

Mobile Games

every time I install a mobile game to play for 10 minutes I end up playing it for 88 years uninterruptely.

Relaxing Nowadays

In the past, I used to go online to relax. Now I have to go offline to relax.

The Perfect Day

Some people prefer sunny days, others prefer rainy days. I only prefer the days when I can stay at home.

The Good and The Bad About Cheese

Every time I cook stuff with cheese it's all happiness, every time I wash stuff with cheese it's all sadness and regret

Unwelcome Guest in the Conversation

Whenever I`m talking to someone and a third person appears and interrupt the conversation to talk with the person I was talking to and ignores me, I lose all respect as a human being for that person.

Proof of Love

The proof of love I would require from my bae are rather unconventional and involve detecting evil clones of me of rescuing me from the seventh circle of hell.

Selective sleep

While I sometime find it hard to sleep on my bed, I sleep like a rock on the bus

Time Machine (again)

If I had a time machine, I'd talk to past me about the unreal expectations I've built every day only to be disapointed later.

Fast-food meals through the world

A comic about the size difference of what is considered a regular size McDonalds meal on different countries

Movie Slices

While other people watch movies at home entirely, I take about 15 slices of 6 minutes over two months each

Make-up pt.2

My problem with following make-up tutorials is that the shape of my face always seems completely different from the person on the video and I end up having no idea where to put what

Cheese Buns

Every time I want to eat something, I annoy my boyfriend until he gives up and says he wants to eat it, so I pretend I'm doing it for him

Cat Salvation

I used to fear the day when Miss Little Claws, my cat, would finally conquer all humanity. Now I look forward to it. We kinda need it.

Morning Person

Being a morning person, I always feel extremelly energetic during the morning. Unfortunetely, it also means I can energectically procastinate.

Coming Back from the Beach

Every time I go to the beach I come back with really red spots randomly spread across my body because I'm incapable of spreading suncreen correctly.

Gym Nightmare

The worst part of going to the gym is having to watch the TV`s above the threadmills displaying sports and fighting channels

Hunger x Diets

On regular days, I might even ignore that I'm hungry. When I'm on a diet, all I can think about is the fact that I'm hungry.

Knee holes

Pants with holes on the knees are only worth for sticking your entire leg on that hole while trying to dress

Conspiracy Theories

A few years ago I used to laugh at the crazy conspiracies people. Now I'm seriously worried about them.