New Year's Superstitions

why all the superstitions, the way your life sucks, anything that cames will be a huge improvement

Christmas as a millennial

If I were a millennial child, this is how I would find out that Santa doesn't exist - by finding out he's not on the internet

Merry Christmas!

Expensive Christmas

The most expesive gift of all on christmas (or ever)

Travel Photos (Traveling Special EXTRA)

Sometimes I concentrate so much on taking good pictures that I forget to see things with my own eyes

Coming Home (Traveling Special pt.10/10)

Every time I arrive home from a trip, the thing I most cherish is my beloved bathroom. I missed it so much...

Waiting for my Luggage (Traveling Special pt.9/10)

Every time I'm waiting for my bags at the airport I'm absolutely certain that it was lost on the way

Local Cuisine (Traveling Special pt.8/10)

How I order food on local restaurants, always looking for something that's exactly like what I'm used to eating

Local People (Traveling Special pt.7/10)

When I'm traveling and I want to meet the local people, all I can see are tourists

Tourist Energy (Traveling Special pt.6/10)

How my personal energy really is as a tourist, completely endless

Tourist Attractions (Traveling Special pt.5/10)

What tourist attractions are actually like - endless, endless lines

Hotel Room (Traveling Special pt.4/10)

What my hotel room looks like after five minutes of check-in, total hell

Airplane (Traveling Special pt.3/10)

What's it really like to fly on an airplane

Packing my suitcase (Traveling Special pt.2/10)

How I really pack my suitcase for a trip, it's pure hell

Planning a great trip (Traveling Special pt.1/10)


How my gratitude really works in real life


What the dictionary really tells me when I need to know the meaning of a word

Most terrible creature

Bureaucratic stalling

what I really would like to do when companies keep stalling me


Daylight saving time

how daylight saving time really works for me

Dining out with family

What really happens when I dine out with my family

Dealing with problems

How I really deal with my problems

Dark circles

That time a girl told me I had huge shadows under my eyes and I looked like I always do

Election day

How I feel about the elections in my country

Quick trip to the market

Every single time I ask my mom if she needs something from he grocery store.

Taste in music

How my taste in music is, compared to others

American comic

How I would look if I were an american comic book heroine

Mean smokers

What I really would like to do when people start smoking and blowing in my face


What really happens every time I recieve a new parcel

Getting dressed

When I get dressed to go out and my outfit is not perfect, but I go anyway because I just don't care


My biggest skill is the hability to pet my cat while doing virtually anything else at the same time

At the end of the Olympics

What´s the difference between me at the beginning of the Olympics and me now, at the end

Sports results

How I real with sports results, I'm usually always rooting for the losing team

Olympic competitions

I get a bit confused while whatching the olympic games


How it is to have the olympics happening in the city where you live


How I really feel when I lose someone I love and how I deal with loss

Old toys

Old toys really creep me out



Well-intentioned insults

when well-intentioned comments are actually insults

Cat language

How my cat talks to me

Gifts and relationships

How gifting works in long time relationships

Really cold days

What really happens when it's cold in my anormally hot city

Happy ending

what Happy endings actually look like in the real life

Strangers with books

what I really wish I could do when I see people reading outside


How I really tie my shoes... I don't.

Politician followers


How archery really works in real life, despite what movies tells us

Hanging out with friends

What really happens when I try to hang out with friends


What I really do when I have to sing