Tim Burton

I find it amusing that, on Tim Burton's movies, even tough everything is about death, everyone's alive, including the dead. So, Technically, there is no death. miss

Illustration masters

For those who wish to see that artwork I used bigger and admire the awesome work of this Thai artist: Doro_hunter, by *hyohyokung.

Watching you


And when that happens, I instantly try to behave well. I want to give her a very professional image of me so I can get a good job on the slave hierarchy when she rules the world.

Mexican soap opera


And everything in my life, even the simplest things, would take about 8984294092 episodes to get done. Just like Dragonball Z, but for older ladies.



That or I would patiently wait for my new superpowers. Because everyone knows that something supernatural always happens on desert islands. Or have I been too much Arrow?

Spoiled kids


Off topic: it's funny how his scream at the first panel turned out to look like exactly like the map of my country Brazil.



But what pains me the most is that there really exist people that actually take pleasure on hurting others, either physically or with their words. It makes me lose my faith in humanity a little.

Younger siblings