I guess that on those days there were fewer people on the midia trying to tell me who to be and what to like, and even fewer people on the internet trying to condemn me for my tastes.

Robin Hood


Would it be wrong if we were just taking back what was ours to begin with?

Movies at home


And if you insist on watching through the end, you sleep at various points and the plotline ends up having lots of empty holes with what you don't remember. Then you need to start a journey full of blood and professional assassins to try to fill those blank holes in your memory. Wait, is that what that Bourne movie was really about? I'm not sure, I fell asleep during the end.

Lil' Monkey


I went to the zoo the other day and spent a lot of time watching the monkeys play around. Suddenly, one of them found a banana lying aroun and decided to eat it. Instead of peeling if off like we do, "leaf" by "leaf", he only peeled off one small "leaf" of it. Then, like he was opening a book, he "opened" the banana and pushed it's insides out, easily removing it in one movement. It was a humiliating day, because I realised that there are monkeys out there that are smarter than me.


It´s a blackout. "Dammit!". You enter a room in your house. You try to turn on the lights. "Oh, dammit!". Repeat this 27 times, or until the lights are back.

Cat perspective


Now I know why she's always rubbing herself against my shins: she's trying to polish the metal which she thinks is the material of my body.



It's just like flying... but on water! *-*