2012 in review


I wonder if I should be considered a superficial person for caring so much about "stupid" things, or brave for admiting it.

Christmas morning


"But still... I wonder if there's any food left for lunch..."

Ps.: What do you think is inside that gift Miss Little Claws gave Niazinha? I place my bet on dead bird.

Christmas tree


That's a good idea for those people that hate taking down the Christmas tree (everyone, really): just roll it around and pretend it's a decorative pine until next Christmas.



I once travelled to New York and bought a beige cap there - one of those touristy ones with the name of the city in it. Two years later, I went to study in a small city in Spain called Salamanca. There I found in a souvernir shop a cap EXACTLY like mine, only it was red and with the name Salamanca in it. Wow! Those chinese souvenir producers are surely gonna rule the world one day.



Don't believe me? Here:

Moms and clothes

"C'mon, mom, my shirt looks brand new! Who cares if I bought it in 1997? Do you think the people on the streets are gonna try a carbon-14 test on it to determine the age of the linen or what?!"

Ob.: Yes, I swear my mother tells me to wear shorter skirts, not longer ones.



I once heated up my lasanga and saw some black dots marching away from one my it's boiling corners. I'm pretty sure they were tiny Uruk-hai with the mission of expanding Sauron's domains to the lands of the small ice giants (?). Seems like the battle endend in a tie, since the middle of my lasagna stayed colder than the Grinch's heart.