Textbook to Exam to Student

The textbook says one thing, the exam asks the same thing with different words, the student freaks out

Fangirl while playing

The fangirl takes a while before playing a game, specially RPG, because there are too many characters and she needs to chose which of them she's going to ship with who before making any choices.


I eat regular food with almost no salt, but popcorn it's about 2kg of salt per single popcorn

The first one the complete the test

The first one to leave the test, I'm never sure if the person knew everything or nothing at all.

Guard dog

Other dogs would protect my family from thieves and threats, my dog would plead the thief to play with him

Style of playing

while other people play going straight for the final boss, I need to always circle back and look for all the secrets hidden in the game.

Nonsense mind

I look like a normal person from the ouside, but, inside my head, nineth percent of all my internal dialogues don't even make any sense