Free Time During Social Isolation

I thought that I would have a lot of free time, stuck at home during the quarantine, but I'm working two times more for some reason

WHAT IF the quarantine ends?

I'm now in the mood that I'm scared that the quarantine might and and I'll have to actually leave the house

When the quarantine ends

When the quarantine ends, I should probably go run outside, among beautiful green trees and below a deep blue sky, but we all know I'm probably just going to stay home anyway

Brands and Big Disasters

At great disasters like this one we're living today, with the coronavirus pandemic, I wish brands would try and help people, instead of just trying to figure out how to benefit from the crisis

Online Classes

When you're having online classes, teachers think that students are at their tables with notebooks and books and everything to take notes, when students are probably just sitting akwardly on the couch in their pajamas and listening to it on the phone while eating a greasy snack

Expert's Consensus

Every time I see a random person say something that does agains't the expert's consensus on something I want to scream ARE YOU AN EXPERT, BY ANY CHANCE?

Please cherish this comic as it took me two and a half hours to make with my finger on a tablet, since I'm away from my drawing table during this social isolation. And stay at home, folks! #coronavirus


Pantyhoses always look perfect when I put them on and instantly slide and look horrible after 2 seconds of any bodily movement.