Couples Nowadays: Nothing to Say

One of the problems couples face nowadays - you talk so much with each other through your phones all days that when you actually go out you have nothing left to say

My cat's naptime

My cat starts her naptime all beautiful and cozy and after twenty minutes she's all weird and belly up and drooling


I'm not a superstitious person, but there are some things you just don't play with

Judging by the cover

I tell people that you shouldn't judge books by their covers, then I go into bookstores and by all books that have unicorns and girls with swords on the cover

Selective Reasoning

I'm not that good at understand philosophical concepts but I'm great at undersdanting all questions about moral, society and the very human nature when they're verses in a song

Our kind of couple

Why lose our time being the type of couple that fight among ourselves if we can be the one that fights together against the world?

Awesome Playlists

I plan awesome playlist to help me work and then I drop everything to listen to the music because the songs are just too good