Knee holes

Pants with holes on the knees are only worth for sticking your entire leg on that hole while trying to dress

Conspiracy Theories

A few years ago I used to laugh at the crazy conspiracies people. Now I'm seriously worried about them.

Christmas lights

Every time I put christmas lights on the decoration, parts of it turn dark like seconds after and I just want to put everything on fire

Leaving my dog alone

When I go out without my dog, he looks at me like he's saying Why have thou betrayed me, mommy?

Selective Strength

On regular days I take pens out of my bag so that it's not too heavy. On book and comic fairs and salers I buy and carry a hundred kilos in books like my arms are Goku's arms

Dog intelligence

Every time Sergeant doesn't seem to understand me, I'm almost sure he's pretending just so he doesn't have to obey me.

Make-up Tutorials

Every time I try to follow through make-up tutorials online I end up with a mess on my face and I ask myself if that's what hell fells like