While other people prefer to read reviews to know if they would like a book, I prefer to read reviews to know if I would hate that book.

Election Time

Before elections time, I had faith in people. Now I just believe people are hateful and want to hurt each other

Safety for humans and cats

While I get down from super high places to feel safe, my cat gets up from low places to super high walls to feel safe herself

Hard calculations

The worst part of exam week isn't even the exams exatly. It's the stress of leaving each one of them making calculations of how much I must've scored and if it was enough to pass.

Loving Garbage

When I was a bit younger, I used to hide that I liked bad books and stuff. Today I scream to everyone that I love garbage and it's so bad it's good

Polarized People

24h hang out notice

When people ask me to hang out, I need at least 24hs in advance to get used to the idea that I'm leaving home and having social contact