Paying attention during class

 When I pay attention during class and realise that I could've learnt all that by reading for 5 minutes at home alone

Fangirls and the end of the history

When the last book in my favorite series comes out, the fangirl in me doesn't even allow me to read it, so great is the fear that I'll have an existencial crisis when it's over.

Dogs and calfs

My dog insists on licking my calfs every time I'm clean and I don't know why

Too much work

When I have a ton of work to do, all my friends from ALL MY LIFE appear asking me to hang out

Going out late

In my version of Cinderella, she goes away at midnight because she just wants to sleep.

The power to control minds

If I had the power to control minds, I would use it to make my friends read the books that I like

After exam week

Right after I'm done with all my exams at school or college, my brain automatically erases all data learned