Selective Strength

On regular days I take pens out of my bag so that it's not too heavy. On book and comic fairs and salers I buy and carry a hundred kilos in books like my arms are Goku's arms

Dog intelligence

Every time Sergeant doesn't seem to understand me, I'm almost sure he's pretending just so he doesn't have to obey me.

Make-up Tutorials

Every time I try to follow through make-up tutorials online I end up with a mess on my face and I ask myself if that's what hell fells like

Mothers and rainy days

My mother is terribly afraid of rainy days, sometimes she calls me just to tell me it's raining

Tube man

Every time I lose my balance and try hopelessly to regain it I feel like one of those old tube mans


While other people prefer to read reviews to know if they would like a book, I prefer to read reviews to know if I would hate that book.

Election Time

Before elections time, I had faith in people. Now I just believe people are hateful and want to hurt each other