Mysterious Bruises

My skin is so easily bruised that I swear even feathers could leave a huge blue mark on it.

Recording Videos

When I'm recording a video without any script, I'm perfectly smooth, but when I'm trying to record with a previously scripted text I need to repeat 48 times before one single sentence feels right.

Long Games

While I'm playing really long games, like rpgs, 20 hours into gameplay and I'm still unsure if the game has started yet.

Mobile Games

every time I install a mobile game to play for 10 minutes I end up playing it for 88 years uninterruptely.

Relaxing Nowadays

In the past, I used to go online to relax. Now I have to go offline to relax.

The Perfect Day

Some people prefer sunny days, others prefer rainy days. I only prefer the days when I can stay at home.

The Good and The Bad About Cheese

Every time I cook stuff with cheese it's all happiness, every time I wash stuff with cheese it's all sadness and regret