Hater Roleplay

I have the weird habit of imagining ways people could be mean to me and then making up the smart responses I'd give them


It'll be year 2047 AD and I'll still be taking glitter off my body after this carnival

My Carnival Participation

me during rio carnival

Old Games

One moment you're okay and then the next you're overwhelmed with that desire to play that particular game that you haven't player for years but loved deeply at some point in your life

Romance Heroes

Some romance heroes that I loved in the past, today I can see that they were kind of violent and sexist jerks

Fangirl Reading Process

The fangirl reading process consists of periodically stopping the beloved to book to look for fanfics, fanarts, theories, wiki pages of the universe

Aliens pt.2

I used to think an alian invasion would be a menace. Now I think it would be a solution.