Long Games

While I'm playing really long games, like rpgs, 20 hours into gameplay and I'm still unsure if the game has started yet.

Mobile Games

every time I install a mobile game to play for 10 minutes I end up playing it for 88 years uninterruptely.

Relaxing Nowadays

In the past, I used to go online to relax. Now I have to go offline to relax.

The Perfect Day

Some people prefer sunny days, others prefer rainy days. I only prefer the days when I can stay at home.

The Good and The Bad About Cheese

Every time I cook stuff with cheese it's all happiness, every time I wash stuff with cheese it's all sadness and regret

Unwelcome Guest in the Conversation

Whenever I`m talking to someone and a third person appears and interrupt the conversation to talk with the person I was talking to and ignores me, I lose all respect as a human being for that person.

Proof of Love

The proof of love I would require from my bae are rather unconventional and involve detecting evil clones of me of rescuing me from the seventh circle of hell.