Pandemic Fashion

 I may look like I'm wearing gloves, but it's just 58 layers of hand sanitizers during the pandemic.

Evil Tests

 When there's a question on the test that's so easy you're afraid to answer because it might be a trick question


 Sorry, I'm worried about something and I forgot I had to say something on this comic

Selective Best Friends

 When I see acquaintances walking on the street, I kinda wanna run or just wave and pretend I didn't see them. When I see acquaintances on parties were I don't know anyone else, we are suddenly best friends that are never going to leave each other's side.

The Creator's Dilemma

 The creator's dilemma. I used to have problems creating because I had too many feelings inside me, and now, after this terrible year, I have no feelings at all

Blanket Attire

 Every time It's cold and I walk around the house with a blanket around my shoulders I feel like one of those medival princesses walking in the snowy woods on Disney movies

Cosmetic Industry

 The cosmetic industry in a nutshell - every time I find something different on my body and learn to like it, the industry tells me it's horrible and I should correct it