Great Opportunities

When I'm presented with great opportunities, I know I should be happy, but I'll I can do is lie on the floor paralyzed and calculate endlessly all the ways that everything could go terribly wrong.

Rich in Fiber

I wonder if product researchers of rich-in-fiber type of products are always worried, looking for the perfect cardboard taste.

Mobile Phone

I always pick the most beautiful mobile phones only to imediately after putting it on horrible huge phone cases so they're never destroyed

Christmas Post-instagram Age


the correct amount of pillows according to society is one, according to myself is one million

Logic for Tests

I have no idea why I study so much, for weeks and months, and them on the exams I answer the questions with the exact opposite of what I learned

Appearance Issues

In the old days my appearances issues would be that I wanted a straigher nose and stuff like that, nowadays I wish I had cute cat years so I could look like a Instagram filter