Logic for Tests

I have no idea why I study so much, for weeks and months, and them on the exams I answer the questions with the exact opposite of what I learned

Appearance Issues

In the old days my appearances issues would be that I wanted a straigher nose and stuff like that, nowadays I wish I had cute cat years so I could look like a Instagram filter

Halloween Monsters

I used to be afraid of Halloween monsters. Now I think that we're all like monsters a bit.

Going to Concerts

I'm reached a point in my tired millennial life where in order to go to a concert I first need to know if there's going to be chairs.

Garbage Can

Every time I throw the gargabe into the can, it bounces of and lands on the floor I'm launched into a deep reflexive state contemplating why bad things happen to good people

Teachers and tests (pt.2)

I'm one hundred percent sure that teachers find the only lesson I miss on the attendance list and make the whole test about it

Other People's Age

I always think the age of a person is the same age from the day we met, even if it was several years ago