Author's note: I know it's already pretty obvious, but I'll say it again anyway. Here in Brazil, the most common kind of lemon is the green one, and the yellow one is quite rare.



And tha's why I have been using the same haircut for the past 10 years.



At least we live in a house. If we shouted like that in a flat, I would have to leave my house everyday wearing a bulletproof vest.

Sneezes and moms

Everything out of the ordinary that I do she thinks I'm dying with a random sickness. The only thing that never changes is that, according to her, the blame is always on spending too much time on the computer.



Author's note: Yes, it's not very common to eat things like eggs and bacon here for breakfast. In fact, I think most people don't really care about breakfast at all here. It's usually something like butter, bread and coffe, and that's it.



As I said, the image is based on a famous chocolate here in Brazil, Bis. I don't wanna brag, but it's like the best treat in the world. It's like Kitkat, but better. Anyway, you can just mentally replace it in your mind and I'm sure the comic you'll work for you too.



Bunny on the moon? Don´t make me laugh. If you zoom in 120x you'll find that it's really a giant trollface.



I don't know if those rackets are common in your countries, but here you can find them everywere. In fact, I spend so much time killing mosquitoes with one that I'm actually considering putting it on my resumé.