Guard dog

Other dogs would protect my family from thieves and threats, my dog would plead the thief to play with him

Style of playing

while other people play going straight for the final boss, I need to always circle back and look for all the secrets hidden in the game.

Nonsense mind

I look like a normal person from the ouside, but, inside my head, nineth percent of all my internal dialogues don't even make any sense

Fake News

Give people all the facts from relieble sources, they'll still believe those anonymous texts with highly doubtful content someone shared to them via messaging apps.

Unconditional pet love

I say pets are silly and pure for loving us unconditionally even when we scold them or hurt them accidentally, but I also love them unconditionally even after they hurt me.

Liking and Loving

When I like something I speak moderately about it, but when I love something, I bring up my power point presentations in seconds to convice everybody why they should love it