Major Public Events

Everyone tells me I'm crazy when I decide to go to major public events, like the New Year's Eve Party in Copacabana

Q&A time! S01E02

a bunch of questions readers asked me about my pets, miss little clawses, my family and how I started drawing
a bunch of questions readers asked me about my pets, miss little clawses, my family and how I started drawing

Addicted to Christmas Decorations

Every year I buy too many Christmas decorations and then I need to find other places to put them on.

Merry Christmas!

Workout Routine

I make very embarrassing notes of each of my workout routine exercises so I remember them

Q&A time! S01E01

Q&A Time! It's a bunch of questions readers sent me and the answers to it

Leecher students

Every time those students that are slackers ask for my stuff I wish I could disappear in a cloud of smoke


My vocabulary, usually pretty good, drops down to a bunch of "thingys" and whatnots when I'm with my close friends

Black Friday

I'm usually very good in managing my money, but them Black Friday comes and suddenly I'm buying a pink flying pony

After hero movies

every time we finish watching a superhero movies these days we have to stop to post our opinions about it online immediately


It's tough planning how to arrange my books in my bookshelf, since I need to perfectly arrange them by theme, author and colors while still maintaining a visually pleasing scheme


if real like was like fantasy and science fiction movies and people would keep explaining trivil stuff to each other that everyone in that universe should already know

Badmouthing my babies

when people start badmouthing stuff that I love I feel very protect about them, figuratively hugging my stuff and whispering gentle words that it will be alright into their years.

Halloween Costume

Halloween is the day when I remove my costume. No makeup, weird dark clothes. I look like a witch.

Cat Owners and Furniture

every time a cat owner buys a new piece of furniture, it always ends up being confiscated by the cat

Great Mysteries: Anarchist YouTube Viewers

One of the great mysteries of the universe to me are people that dislike videos on YouTube that are impossible to dislike, like a puppy playing with a duck wearing a tie

Great Mysteries: Anarchist Raters

Few things are as mysterious to me as people that rate and review stuff and apps before using them. Why would they do that?!

Dessert for Tomorrow

When someone makes a dessert and puts it in the fridge, but it's only to be eaten on the next day. I tend to wait inside the fridge.

Teachers and tests

 Somewhere there's always a teacher nearby listening to me when I say I'm skiping a topic because I think it's not going to be on his test


the extreme sadness of when you're buttoning up your shirt and you end up seeing the buttons are wrong

Some books...

some books make me cry and smile at the same time, it's so complicated

My Hair and the Laws of Physics

I wish my hair would obey the laws of physics, but there's always that strand that manages to stay up

Deduction during tests

Fashion Icon

Every time I plan a nice outfit with daring accessories out of my comfort zone I feel like a supermodel, fashion blogger,


I have a huge grudge fortress inside of me where I hold very dearly all the situations where people have mistreated me

Reading with a fangirl

My fangirl friends are always rooting for the bad guys as well in the books.

Sales deals

Sometimes I don't even want to buy the product, but I see a "buy one get one free" and I completely lose my mind

My Mother and How I Really

My mother takes my comics a bit too seriously

Group chat

You've just fineshed reading the 1000 messges on your friend's chat group and there's 500 new ones waiting for you


every time my nose bleeds I think my psychic superpowers are finally about to manifest

Love for our country

how we really act about our nation when we're among ourselves versus when we're with foreigners

Relationship with teachers

While american and british movies depict the relationship between teachers and students like something cold and a bit weird, we in Brazil are incredibly informal

In other cartoons

How would Little Nia look in other cartoons like Disney, Adventure Time, Simpsons, Gravity Falls, Pokemon and oldschool comics

Perfection of Nature

nature is perfect and all makes sense, except for dogs, silly cute creatures

The Future of Reading

The future of reading would be something that stops books from falling on my face while I'm reading lying down.


ridiculous password rules are unbearable

TV and Movie Awards

How I choose who to root for when watching awards like Emmy awards or the Oscars

Dog Priorities

No matter where my dog is, he always finds his way back to me when I start eating something.

Symptoms, according to the internet

According to the internet, I have about 282 diseases because I sneezed once yesterday.

Puppy whimper

My heart may be hard as a rock, but I'll always melt down for a little puppy whimpering

Gratuitous Hatred

Some people just want to hate something

My Bag

What I really carry on my bag - mostly useless stuff that shouldnt be there


I love horses, but it's a bit frightening to ride one 

"I'm on a horse."

Living Dangerously

I live dangerously - I always eat food that's past the expiry date

Perfect seasoning

Cheese is the perfect seasoning to every food

Paused reading

When I stop reading for a moment so I can make up new scenes on my head

Good book

When I read a good book

Paying attention during class

 When I pay attention during class and realise that I could've learnt all that by reading for 5 minutes at home alone

Fangirls and the end of the history

When the last book in my favorite series comes out, the fangirl in me doesn't even allow me to read it, so great is the fear that I'll have an existencial crisis when it's over.

Dogs and calfs

My dog insists on licking my calfs every time I'm clean and I don't know why