Remember those old TV shows that showed the host throwing piles of viewers letters in the air to pick some to win prizes? I think that the people who dress the figurines on some stores nowadays must do something similar to pick the clothes.


When a pencil falls on the floor during class, I think it even starts playing one of these songs from Cirque du Soleil to set the mood for my acrobacies to get it.


You end up so concentrated on your own anxiety that you kind of lose control of your body: you start walking on circles in your house, you can barely listen to other people talking to you, you turn on the TV and forget to watch it. I'm serious, the other day I was so anxious that I took a water glass from the kitchen and when I got to my room it was gone. What kind of sorcery is this, brain??


There's no such thing as "school locker" in my country. So, basically, in addition to learning about maths, languages and stuff, we train our bodys to lift very heavy weights with the giant books on our backpacks. Just like Master Kame from Dragonball with his turtleshell.

Intelligence level

And then Vegeta breaks his Scouts and screams: "It's over 9000!".

The cat's perspective

And those are not the only things she sees differently. For exemple, my rare collection of old and rare comic books from my childhood are actually seen by her as stashes of this perfect material to sharpen her claws.


No funny comments today, because I know that this holiday is really respected by many.
Happy Easter, everybody!


I can't hide that part of my reason to want to take tons of pictures is the sensation I get while wearing those long black clothes that I actually look like a Hogwarts student.  


And then at night my brain speaks to me: "Remenber that moment earlier today when that guy you admire
told you 'congratulations' for something only you did and you replied with 'you too'? Yeah, let's think about that for the next 40 minutes". pensar nisso pelos próximos 40 minutos, ok?"