Shopping bathrooms

"Oooh, I can't stop thinking of my beloved John Doe while I sit here on this lonely and dubious toilet. I love this boy so much that I think it'll be an honor to engrave his name beside mine on this dirty toilet stall door, so everyone will think about our love while they answer the call of nature."

Seriously, people, WHY???

Cat belly

There's even those who say that Johnny Depp's character Edward Scissorhands was based upon Miss Little Claws. I've never seen her sculpt ballerinas on my garden, but she does make some very impressive pieces of modern art by sharpening her nails on my books.

17 years old


It gets even worst: 4 years later you suddenly realise that life and college is completely different from what you were expecting. But that's normal. We change all the time. It not, then I would still be chasing my dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer, right? (wait, I still wanna be a pokemon trainer...)

Inconvenient favors


 The worst: 90% of all favors people ask me to do could be easily solved if they bothered enough to Google it up before asking me.

Selective memory


I have no idea about the life cycle of an schistosoma, but I know every tiny detail about the stages of growth and development of my Tamagotchi.

Birthday Gifts

When I was a kid I used to get a lot of presents, but there was also the possibility of traumatic experience there: it was horrible when I got clothes instead of toys, from people that wanted to please my parents more than they wanted to please me. C'mon, it's like buying a Kinder Egg and getting a paper puzzle!

Miss Little Claws sleeping - Pt.2


It's either that or she chooses them based on their level of importance for me: the higher it is, the greater is the pleasure she gets from covering it with grey fur.

Annoying people

I think it's only fair one would want to use something from The Men in Black against those annoying people, because to be THAT socially awkward you need to be an alien, at least! C'mon!