Halloween Costume

Halloween is the day when I remove my costume. No makeup, weird dark clothes. I look like a witch.

Cat Owners and Furniture

every time a cat owner buys a new piece of furniture, it always ends up being confiscated by the cat

Great Mysteries: Anarchist YouTube Viewers

One of the great mysteries of the universe to me are people that dislike videos on YouTube that are impossible to dislike, like a puppy playing with a duck wearing a tie

Great Mysteries: Anarchist Raters

Few things are as mysterious to me as people that rate and review stuff and apps before using them. Why would they do that?!

Dessert for Tomorrow

When someone makes a dessert and puts it in the fridge, but it's only to be eaten on the next day. I tend to wait inside the fridge.

Teachers and tests

 Somewhere there's always a teacher nearby listening to me when I say I'm skiping a topic because I think it's not going to be on his test


the extreme sadness of when you're buttoning up your shirt and you end up seeing the buttons are wrong