Easter egg


But hey, I'm no expert. Maybe they do have something that justifies the price in their ingredients, like diamond dust or enriched uranium. I don't know.

Annoying at the movies


There's so many bad mannered people at the movies nowadays that when I'm really looking forward to watch a specific new one I wait for it to come out on dvd, so I can watch it at home with no one bothering me.



It's even worse when it's a kiss flashback, because the couple can remember it perfectly even tough they were both with their eyes closed.

Feline prejudice


Than we laugh and think that it's just stupid cat behavior, but let me share some news with you all: most humans behave EXACTLY the same way when they meet people that are different from them, be it by race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or anything else. Without even wanting to know more, they judge and hate. That's called prejudice. Think about it.

Cats and dogs


And that's not the only lie the TV told you. Did you know that mice hate cheese? Yeah. Now imagine all the other things you may believe now because of the TV that may be completely wrong. Yeah, they're all lies. Your life is a lie. You may go cry in the corner now.

A tendency to hate

Why are those people so hateful? Somebody please they them that they are actually allowed to remain silent over matters they don't have a strong opinion about!

Feet and cats


Please notice that I never said that this foot belonged to Niazinha (the almost footless main character of this webcomic).



There was a big flood in my city about 3 years ago. I was sleeping on the bus when the storm started. I remember like it was yesterday waking up and, after looking out the window half asleep, wondering why the heck was the bus taking a shortcut through a river. Then I realised it was not a river, but a road. It was so frightening and... cool! Argh, you see? I definetely have mixed feelings when it comes to rain.