Stairs and dresses

Empty pet bowl

Fangirls and labels

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

On beautiful days

Diabolical bargains

Miss Little Claws Ninja

Outdoor events

Fashion business

Witches and wizards

Meeting acquaintances

Oh yeah, I forgot to rewrite the "perto". Sorry. It means "close", as in "near something".

Tripping and falling


Board games

The Great Battle

Taste of water

Places on the internet X real life

Drawing traditionally

Never alone

Selective Lazyness

Feline priorities

Harry Potter and Fangirls

Wind in my hair

Public opinion poll

Miss Little Claws' kingdom

Fanatic/confused soccer fans

Pizza I like

Fantastic beasts

An act of kindness


Give mommy a hug

Mess for mothers



Poser fan

Taking pictures of Miss Little Claws

Videos of me

People visiting

Cardboard box

Like a lady


Hero costumes

Scheming cat

Being a fan

The blond writer featured on this comic strip: Babi Dewet.


Buying online

Important events

Sad endings


Walk the dog