Christmas lights

Every time I put christmas lights on the decoration, parts of it turn dark like seconds after and I just want to put everything on fire

Leaving my dog alone

When I go out without my dog, he looks at me like he's saying Why have thou betrayed me, mommy?

Selective Strength

On regular days I take pens out of my bag so that it's not too heavy. On book and comic fairs and salers I buy and carry a hundred kilos in books like my arms are Goku's arms

Dog intelligence

Every time Sergeant doesn't seem to understand me, I'm almost sure he's pretending just so he doesn't have to obey me.

Make-up Tutorials

Every time I try to follow through make-up tutorials online I end up with a mess on my face and I ask myself if that's what hell fells like

Mothers and rainy days

My mother is terribly afraid of rainy days, sometimes she calls me just to tell me it's raining

Tube man

Every time I lose my balance and try hopelessly to regain it I feel like one of those old tube mans


While other people prefer to read reviews to know if they would like a book, I prefer to read reviews to know if I would hate that book.

Election Time

Before elections time, I had faith in people. Now I just believe people are hateful and want to hurt each other

Safety for humans and cats

While I get down from super high places to feel safe, my cat gets up from low places to super high walls to feel safe herself

Hard calculations

The worst part of exam week isn't even the exams exatly. It's the stress of leaving each one of them making calculations of how much I must've scored and if it was enough to pass.

Loving Garbage

When I was a bit younger, I used to hide that I liked bad books and stuff. Today I scream to everyone that I love garbage and it's so bad it's good

Polarized People

24h hang out notice

When people ask me to hang out, I need at least 24hs in advance to get used to the idea that I'm leaving home and having social contact


Every time I'm faced with one of those people that keep changing the subject to talk about themselves I wish I could just leave a cardboard version of myself for them to talk to and run away

The art of seduction

The most seductive words: Wanna grab some pizza?


I'm very easily influenced by the books I'm reading, somethines a bit too much

Couples Nowadays: The way we talk

When you talk almost all the time through messages, it's weird to imagine living together and not sending text messages all the time anymore.

Couples Nowadays: Nothing to Say

One of the problems couples face nowadays - you talk so much with each other through your phones all days that when you actually go out you have nothing left to say

My cat's naptime

My cat starts her naptime all beautiful and cozy and after twenty minutes she's all weird and belly up and drooling


I'm not a superstitious person, but there are some things you just don't play with

Judging by the cover

I tell people that you shouldn't judge books by their covers, then I go into bookstores and by all books that have unicorns and girls with swords on the cover

Selective Reasoning

I'm not that good at understand philosophical concepts but I'm great at undersdanting all questions about moral, society and the very human nature when they're verses in a song

Our kind of couple

Why lose our time being the type of couple that fight among ourselves if we can be the one that fights together against the world?

Awesome Playlists

I plan awesome playlist to help me work and then I drop everything to listen to the music because the songs are just too good

Public Crisis

Brazilian people are so used to having public crisis that they don't even get nervous anymore

Textbook to Exam to Student

The textbook says one thing, the exam asks the same thing with different words, the student freaks out

Fangirl while playing

The fangirl takes a while before playing a game, specially RPG, because there are too many characters and she needs to chose which of them she's going to ship with who before making any choices.


I eat regular food with almost no salt, but popcorn it's about 2kg of salt per single popcorn

The first one the complete the test

The first one to leave the test, I'm never sure if the person knew everything or nothing at all.

Guard dog

Other dogs would protect my family from thieves and threats, my dog would plead the thief to play with him

Style of playing

while other people play going straight for the final boss, I need to always circle back and look for all the secrets hidden in the game.

Nonsense mind

I look like a normal person from the ouside, but, inside my head, nineth percent of all my internal dialogues don't even make any sense

Fake News

Give people all the facts from relieble sources, they'll still believe those anonymous texts with highly doubtful content someone shared to them via messaging apps.

Unconditional pet love

I say pets are silly and pure for loving us unconditionally even when we scold them or hurt them accidentally, but I also love them unconditionally even after they hurt me.

Liking and Loving

When I like something I speak moderately about it, but when I love something, I bring up my power point presentations in seconds to convice everybody why they should love it

Recipe for Disaster

every time a recipe tells me I shoud put salt to taste I feel like just giving up and ordering pizza

Hater Roleplay

I have the weird habit of imagining ways people could be mean to me and then making up the smart responses I'd give them


It'll be year 2047 AD and I'll still be taking glitter off my body after this carnival

My Carnival Participation

me during rio carnival

Old Games

One moment you're okay and then the next you're overwhelmed with that desire to play that particular game that you haven't player for years but loved deeply at some point in your life

Romance Heroes

Some romance heroes that I loved in the past, today I can see that they were kind of violent and sexist jerks

Fangirl Reading Process

The fangirl reading process consists of periodically stopping the beloved to book to look for fanfics, fanarts, theories, wiki pages of the universe

Aliens pt.2

I used to think an alian invasion would be a menace. Now I think it would be a solution.

Narcisism in the Gym

I'm always worried everybody's watching me in the gym, but actually everybody's just watching themselves in the mirrors

Corny Love

I watch and read all those romance histories where people speak all corny about love and I'm always appalled at how people can talk like that. Than I talk exactly like that to my dog, that little angel in my heart.


earrrings make me a completely different person

The beginning of every year

Every year I'm always very excited to begin it and very tired by the fourth day of January already