Miss Little Claws sleeping

Our first reaction is to think "OMG, she's so silly!", but let's not be hipocrites, ok? I mean, who never had this uncontrollable urge to get inside the box of the new fridge? The difference between us and cats is that they follow this natural instinct that all living beings have to enter cardboard boxes. Always.



If instead of bringing me a painful and agonizing death Miss Little Claws would let me attach post-its on her forehead, nowadays I would have at least three Master's Degree and I would be on my way to discovering the cure for cancer.

Home late

My problem isn't really with her calling the police - she can call the Avengers, if she wants. The problem is when she decides to call random middle school colleagues of mine, with whom she thinks I'm still best friends with, even though I haven't talked to them in, like, eight years.

Original fairy tales

The same goes for all those greek tragedies. I'm serious, if you ever need to stay up late for something like school or work, try reading the tale of Oedipus the King. You won't be able to sleep for a week.

Ps.: Check out the original version of this strip here - it's animated!

Mothers and drawings


Ok, then comes the classic "What a beautiful giraffe, sweetie!" "Mom, that's a bunny...", but her intentions are always good.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there (including mothers of pets)!

Close friends - Pt. 2

Who needs those enormous work-out machines from the TV ads when we can't work-out our abs so much just by laughting with our close friends?

I want it, please

Miss Little Claws, my cat, also watches me while I eat, but I'm not sure if she really wants my food or if she's just monitoring me for suspicious behavior.

Close friends


It's funny the fact that the only people who can be totally honest with you are your very close friends, who care too much about you, and total strangers, who simply don't care.

Cats and humans


How many times have I begged for attention from my cat, which was too busy to play with me?