Soap opera


I'm not sure which one would be more bound to reality: Niazinha, for being the original, or the actress, for having feet.

Seats in class


I seem like a nice person, but I once wished that the person who got to class earlier and took my favorite seat would step on a Lego.

Weather forecast


Meanwhile, on the backstage of your local weather forecast:

Free food - Pt.3


I don't like eating that many kinds of food, tough. I guess restricting psicologically some types of food was my body's natural defense to prevent me from turning into Jabba the Hut.

Free food - Pt.2


If anyone wants to test theories about time travel in bodies travelling close to the speed of light just pay someone to offer free samples of chocolate brownies on the market I usually go to.

Free food - Pt.1


The other day there were some free samples of hot bread in the market. Suddenly the bakery section was flooded with what looked like a wave of hungry zombies reaching out their bony hands to beg for free pieces of food. Scary. I guess we're not that far from a zombie apocalypse after all.

Cats and owners


Oh, look, Miss Little Claws just decided to sleep on my lap. Guess I'll have to reschedule dinner.