New Year's Superstitions

why all the superstitions, the way your life sucks, anything that cames will be a huge improvement

Christmas as a millennial

If I were a millennial child, this is how I would find out that Santa doesn't exist - by finding out he's not on the internet

Merry Christmas!

Expensive Christmas

The most expesive gift of all on christmas (or ever)

Travel Photos (Traveling Special EXTRA)

Sometimes I concentrate so much on taking good pictures that I forget to see things with my own eyes

Coming Home (Traveling Special pt.10/10)

Every time I arrive home from a trip, the thing I most cherish is my beloved bathroom. I missed it so much...

Waiting for my Luggage (Traveling Special pt.9/10)

Every time I'm waiting for my bags at the airport I'm absolutely certain that it was lost on the way

Local Cuisine (Traveling Special pt.8/10)

How I order food on local restaurants, always looking for something that's exactly like what I'm used to eating