Niazinha sneezed so hard that she actually grew feet.

(And yes, she does seem to have that super power of sneezing with her eyes open!)

Sticky music



I'd really like to write here my usual comment about the comic, but I simply can't stop singing Gangnam Style. HEEEEY, sexy lady!

About the song at the beginning: you may not realise, but you do know it. Check it here:

Hot days


Sometimes I wonder how life would be like if there were no air conditioners in my extremely hot country. Would the world be a worse place with all the unconfortable heat, or would it be better place with the desperate need to take cooling measures like planting more trees, going to the beach/pool and polluting less? OMG, I think I just created a new dilema for humanity. I'll leave that for the philosophers out there.

Plastic bottle


I think that now, somewhere in this country, there is a team of evil package designers sitting together on a bar drinking beer, earting peanuts and laughting at the latest pranks they've been playing on their costumers.



"Has it always been this beautiful color? I thought it was more whiteish. But I think it's better this way. Stains on a white wall stand out too much. Hm, but there's a stain there too, on the yellow wall. I'll just try to clean it up with some water. Ok, water is not working, I'll try some soap. Geez, this yellow color looks pretty weird when wet. I think it's better if I paint it white, after all. But I'll call the painter tomorrow, now it's too late. Time to sleep."

Mouth wash


Author's note: I don't know if they are the same way in your country, but here where I live people think that, if the mouth wash is not painful, it's not really cleaning anything. So companies fill them with alcohol and stuff to make it sting. I least that's what I've heard.



It's even worse when you have to talk to someone that actually has a monobrow, and you just can't take your eyes off of that small persian cat's tail over their eyes. Indeed, it brings you delightful memories of your childhood, when you used to poke with a stick that hairy caterpillar that was always crawling on your grandmother's garden floor.

Buying shampoo


Since this blog is about being honest about our most disturbing thoughts and the weird places of our imagination, I can't deny the fact that I frequently feel like doing the "me gusta" face in real life. It's such a shame that it's humanly impossible.