When he talks

What really happens when the person I like finally talks to me

Liking someone

UPDATE: There's a lot of people coming to this comic today (20-nov-2015) from Reddit, lol. I see you guys! Hope you like it. Check out the other comics too if you have time, or read us on Tapastic. Cheers! ♥



If I could choose a superpower, I would have the ability to transport myself throught the internet so personally slap the trolls 

Yeah, I forgot to draw the headpiece on the last panel. My bad.

Metaphorical dialogues

The characters on the screen refuse to answer simple questions without metaphorical stories and you're like JUST ANSWER IT, GODDAMIT

Moms and photos

Your mother always prefer getting your worst pictures developed

Cooking with your mother closeby

The despairing experience of cooking with your mom closeby and realising that everything you do is completely wrong and you such