Holiday break

What really happens every single holiday break: I think everyone's having a lot of fun while I'm here, at home

Pets and Christmas trees

what really happens when my pets get together with the christmas tree, everything gets destroyed


What really happens every time I'm writing: I think everything is ok, then I go back to it a while later and find out it's horrible and I'm a failure

Construction works

What really happens every time I make some construction works at home, instead of taking one week like planned, It takes 849284 years


Contemporary struggles

Unpractical heroines - pt. 2

College entrance tests

the hardest part of college entrance tests

Prejudiced acquaintances

What I'm really thinking when I see acquaintances beeing openly sexist, racist or homophobic

Recipe videos

What really happens every single time I decide to follow a recipe video of delicous food - I give up.

Fantasmas e monstros assustadores

the difference between when I see ghosts and monsters on movies and TV and when I see them on games

Time Machine - pt.2

Culinary genious

Sometimes I secretly wish I could open a restaurant and be a culinary genious intead of making comics.


how I used to play make-believe games as a kid

Student reasoning

After "The End" - pt. 2

What do I do when I just finished a new book and I don't have space for it in my shelf?

Deceptive packages

Mosquito - pt. 2

There's mosquitos all year round here

Selective memory pt.2

My memory fails me at school, but doesn't fail me when I have to sing every single random word in Bohemian Rhapsody

Priorities for women

Even if a women is a genious overachiever and has like a hundred Nobel Prizes, all society really wants to know is what she does to keep fit.


Every time I eat and bite something too hard, I secretly think I'm going to die.


How I really feel when I find out that my friends have a whatsapp group and I'm not on it. All by myseeelf

Body proportions


What would teleportation devices would be used for

Colder cities

what really happens every time I travel to a city that's colder than mine 


Some things we want to keep just to ourselves

Getting sick

Dog philosophy


Inspired by this tweet by @Tamarutaco.

Creepy romances

Finally I realised how creepy those relatioships between imortal beings with underage schoolgirls are

Type of shampoo

Fantasy hoodies

I really feel like a fantasy elven warrior every time I pull up the hood of my coat

New perspective

Feline philosophy

My cat's great philosophical questions

Online prejudice

The way I run

How I really run

Miss Little Claws schadenfreude

How I really imagine my cat feels when I work out: very pleased with herself for not having to do anything but sleep.

Physical strength

How my physical strenght really is when I have to bring the groceries inside

Logic and Facebook


Where I really see the love

Logic in relationships

Decisions and relationships

What really happens when we are faced with great decisions in our relationships

When he talks

What really happens when the person I like finally talks to me

Liking someone

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If I could choose a superpower, I would have the ability to transport myself throught the internet so personally slap the trolls 

Yeah, I forgot to draw the headpiece on the last panel. My bad.

Metaphorical dialogues

The characters on the screen refuse to answer simple questions without metaphorical stories and you're like JUST ANSWER IT, GODDAMIT

Moms and photos

Your mother always prefer getting your worst pictures developed

Cooking with your mother closeby

The despairing experience of cooking with your mom closeby and realising that everything you do is completely wrong and you such

Kids and entertainment

Today we have millions of things on TV or Netflix and don't feel like watching any of them, but when I was a kid I was happy watching Mulan a thousand times a day