After "The end"

This was my first strip to get internationally famous, thanks to 9GAG. So, instead of writing my own comments about it, I'll list some things people said about it 9GAG. "It's like dying a little", "Then one week later I don't even remember it" and, finally, the top voted comment, "Where are your feet, woman?!".

Trivia: what inspired me to make this strip was actually not a book, but the last episode of the second season of the TV series Sherlock. That long black coat is actually worn by Sherlock himself.


  1. Haha! Happened when I Hunger Games :(

  2. I've been like this with the Dark Materials trilogy, just finished it last night. It stopped so suddenly I wondered if some pages had been torn out. And now I need something to quell my developed obsession with it (because, damn... its engrossing) before I start making some kind of crappy fan-animation to fill in the space left by only the first book being filmed. I'm a terrible artist. And I'll probably ruin the emotional parts by blubbing whilst drawing them. It can't be allowed.

    So onwards to the next obsession. I haven't read HG, GOT or even GWTDT... but those require just too much investment of time. Perhaps the Tiffany Aching series and finally finishing off the Sherlock Hound / Cities of Gold box sets I got for previous xmases and birthdays? If those don't cause the same effect of course. I need something fairly light, fluffy and uninvolving to act as methadone to that trilogy's heroin.

    (and it really is heroin because Pullman was a massive scumbag-author if you view things through the characters eyes; they didn't even get a goddamn Happy Ever After like the Potter bunch did, having been put through even more (and literal) hell...)